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Always wanted to learn to windsurf? Have you been just a spectator and now you want to feel what it’s all about? You’ve come to the right place and the right time! With the advancement in equipment and training methods, we can have you feeling the thrill of windsurfing in just a few hours. Too old? Too young? Nonsense, I have taught students from age 4 to 75+.

The lessons are structured in a way to get you comfortable with each step as you build upon the next step. You stay close in as you learn to uphaul the sail (getting the sail out of the water) and to turn the board around in both directions. Then the easy part, learning to sail. You go out a little ways, turn around, and come back, turn around again, … nothing to it.

I teach you how to go upwind and how to get back if the wind dies.

The beginner course is 3 hours.

The first part of the lesson is on land, and includes:

  • How to put the equipment together
  • How it works
  • Safety

The 2nd part of the lesson is in the water:

  • Getting on the board
  • Uphauling the sail (lifting the sail out of the water)
  • Turning the board – both directions
  • Basic starting position
  • Sailing
  • Upwind sailing
  • Light air self rescue

The last half-hour of the lesson is derigging, taking the equipment apart, and any questions, hints, where to purchase equipment, etc.

By the end of the lesson you should be able to sail out and return to where you started.

I supply the boards complete.

I DO NOT supply wetsuits. Check with a dive shop for wet suit rental if needed.

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Want to learn more?

I teach additional lessons on an hourly basis, with a 2-hour mimimum, tailored to the individual, including:

Tacking and jibing, planing, footstraps, harness use, beach-start, water-start, and racing techniques.

All you need is something to wear in the water, some old shoes or some type of footwear for the walking in the water, sunscreen, and some water to drink so you don’t get dehydrated.

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