Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is it hard to learn?

A No. With the newer, wider boards, and the latest teaching techniques, it’s never been easier to learn. After one lesson my students are windsurfing: sailing back and forth, turning around, and coming back to where they started from.

Q Don’t you have to be strong or athletic to windsurf?

A No. Almost anyone can learn. It isn’t about strength and balance, it’s a combination of things all working together. The trick is starting with the equipment that is right for you, like a sail that is easy for you to get out of the water and a board that is stable with you on it.

Q How old or young do you need to be?

A I have taught students from ages 4 to 75. And I have seen both older and younger people out windsurfing.

Q Is the hard to put the parts together?

A No. The first part of the lesson is rigging the sail, and at the end of the lesson, we take it all apart again. After rigging and de-rigging your own equipment a few times it becomes second nature.

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